Unless you're running Solaris, you really should go to Martin A. Godisch's page for wmwork. Actually, you should go there even if you are running Solaris - I sent him the patch shortly after developing it, and we had a little discussion of it for a few months. Since he integrated my changes into version 0.2.5, this page is basically a historic placeholder for my patch (to version 0.2.4). Heck, even my picture of wmwork came from his site.

It should be noted that I do not intend to fork wmwork, and in fact, the current maintainer integrated my patch on December 2nd, 2005, into his version 0.2.5. As a result, this page is largely here for legacy reasons. So you really ought to follow the link in the previous paragraph.

wmwork has been released under the GNU GPL. If you want an authoritative version of that license, you can look at GNU's copy of the GPL (although as of the time of writing, there is no difference between my copy of the license and theirs). As a result, my patch is also under the GPL.

Here's the snip from the CHANGES file which discusses my changes:

0.2.5 - Aug 10, 2004
  * Removed getopt, since Solaris 7 does not have it.
  * Some portability fixes for Solaris - specifically, pid_t is larger than
    what GCC thinks an int should be.  Lockfile removal still does not work
    perfectly, since Solaris /proc is not the same as Linux /proc.

It should be noted that my "portability fixes" turned out to be "GCC 2.95.3 under Solaris fixes," and actually make things worse if you use GCC 3.4.3 under Solaris. My final patchset against wmwork probably won't contain these broken fixes. (They'll contain all-new broken fixes instead!)

If you run into problems or you have suggestions, do pop me some email; my email address is bstern at this domain (leave off the "www." for savings).


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